What Goin, Feniger, Milliken, Richmond, and Lucas Cooked for Share Our Strength Last Saturday

Goin, Feniger, Milliken, and Lucas Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Do you ever wonder how those fantasy bundles that get auctioned off at food events turn out? You know, the ones that find great chefs cooking together at your home or a tour of noodle joints with L.A.’s favorite critic? We finally found out ourselves this past Saturday, as a friend (who wrote an awesome movie about love and drinking) gathered a group of gourmands to split one of the most alluring packages offered at Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation event in June.

The victorious bidding war welcomed the blindingly talented collaboration of five chefs to cook dinner in the winner’s home. This means that none other than Suzanne Goin, Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken, Akasha Richmond, and Waylynn Lucas came together this weekend in our friend’s kitchen, to prepare a dinner party for about 20 or so soused Venetians. With great heart, humor, and dedication, the chefs each prepared a dish (The Two Hot Tamales were also on cocktail duty, even after teaching two Dia de los Muertos cooking classes in Downtown that day), keeping Share Our Strength’s noble mission in mind. Come see what the chefs cooked on Saturday in our slideshow.