Is It Possible That the Brooklyn Grimaldi’s Might Just Cease to Be?

They were open today, at least.

The Times City Room blog has a good summary of all the Grimaldi's doings that have been in the news over the last couple of days and manages to uncover a little more information in the process. The most interesting part is that the opening of the new location of Grimaldi's, around the corner from the current location at 19 Old Fulton Street and originally scheduled to open today, has been postponed "indefinitely" while owner Frank Ciolli mourns his recently passed son and deals with an issue regarding the coal oven he wants to use at the new location.

The other notable part of the story is that some people — specifically Grimaldi's current landlord, the owner of competing neighborhood pizzeria Iganzio's, and at least a few people here at Grub HQ — are apparently thrilled with the news that Patsy Grimaldi is reacquiring the Old Fulton location and opening his own new pizza place, Julianna's.

A call to Grimaldi's confirms the shop was still operating in Brooklyn today — the Times says the current lease expires tomorrow — but all of the developments at least bring to mind the possibility that if Ciolli can't get the oven issue sorted out at the new location, and Grimaldi moves into the current location, then there just won't be a pizzeria named Grimaldi's in Brooklyn anymore. (The other Grimaldi's locations — Manhattan, Las Vegas, Florida, etc. — will presumably keep the brand alive.) Then again, would any real NYC pizza lovers even care if that ended up happening?

Given the long, convoluted history of New York's classic pizza places, that outcome almost seems like the next logical step — though, to be fair, it does sound like we've heard about the possible demise of Grimaldi's before, and the place is still around.

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