Watch the Creation of the Dolores Park Mural, to Be Unveiled Soon at the Mission’s Tacolicious

The mural, in progress. Photo: Paul Madonna

Local artist Paul Madonna was commissioned to do a large wall mural for the new Tacolicious in the Mission (741 Valencia) — which, as we mentioned earlier, is dealing with a last-minute hold-up from PG&E; and won’t be opening this week as planned. The mural features a view north from the hill in Dolores Park, and today we find this video, showing Madonna’s creative process from initial sketch to full-scale installation. And, as future diners at the restaurant will be sure to notice, he’s added little phrases in black ink throughout the picture, like, "Wasting time is part of working."

The mural, in progress. Photo: Paul Madonna

Video by Isaac Smith.

All Over Coffee [Paul Madonna via Scoop]
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