The New York Times Blows Up our Favorite Taco

La Colmena's taco de rajas
La Colmena's taco de rajas Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Remember La Colmena, the Santa Barbara taqueria we offered you as a stirring alternative to Super Rica’s eternal wait last June? Few ditched the lines at Julia Child’s favorite hang back then, leaving Colmena’s superior rajas, tripas, and peanut-habanero salsa to ourselves for a few more months. Last week, The New York Times gave the restaurant a shout-out in a short travel piece on the seaside town, slamming La Colmena with new customers over the holiday. Will this newly-charged attention make Super Rica step up its game? Have we lost our respite of handmade tortilas to the lovers of Lily’s? Will La Colmena ever have its higado de res in stock? Speed to try it and stay tuned. [NYT]