The Heart of the Dutch Is Pie

Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Earlier today, we told you about Tom Colicchio's favorite Thanksgiving indulgence — his own homemade stuffing. His buddy Andrew Carmellini, however, is craving another, sweeter, holiday food ritual — pie! "I like to say that the Dutch was a restaurant built around pie," he tells Grub Street. His favorite? "Cherry. Hands down." His least favorite? "Mutton pie, or mincemeat pie. I don't care how cool it is to be old-timey right now, but delicious this is not." To further advance Carmellini's eternal pie crush, the Dutch's pastry chef, Kierin Baldwin, is offering a small quantity of whole fresh-baked pies to go on Thanksgiving, or the day before. Customers can choose between Grapple pie or pumpkin pie (both serve eight to ten) for $38.00. Contact the restaurant for details. And, please share.