Tasty Garden Slings Peanut Butter Pizza

You got your peanut butter in our pizza!
You got your peanut butter in our pizza! Photo: VChili via Flickr

If all you pizza partisans still aren’t satisfied putting chipotle on your pies at Beech Street Pizza or bacon and Brussel’s sprouts on your crisp disk at Larry’s, Squid Ink has something that just might float your boat. The San Gab Valley’s two Tasty Garden locations are serving "peanut butter pizza," or more accurately Chinese báobǐng flatbreads with such stuffing as red bean, faux Nutella, and the blog’s preferred peanut butter version featuring "a smear of peanut butter, chunks of peanuts, sesame seeds and small shards of coconut." Catch it between 3:00 to 5:30 P.M. daily on the restaurant’s afternoon tea menu. [Squid Ink]