Tar Pit Ties One On Tonight, Sleeping Through Turkey Day

Jason Fullilove is making the small plates
Jason Fullilove is making the small plates Photo: Tar Pit

The Tar Pit shouts out with the news that it’s ignoring turkey day tomorrow in order to really tie one on tonight (though Mark Peel’s Campanile will be feasting manana). This evening will find a special menu of hand-crafted cocktails by Tyler Montgomery, paired with holiday side dish-inspired appetizers like pulled pork butt with serrano corn bread and a bruschetta of cranberry, chestnuts, and brie, by recent hire Jason Fullilove. Featured drinks include a William Tell, a Scottish Fig, and the supper club’s ode to The Big Lebowski, the White Russian-inspired "Do You See What Happens Larry?" Anyone who checks in with Tar Pit today via Facebook before 6:30 P.M. get 33% of their first drink. In more Tar Pit news, the restaurant plans to soon unveil its own Master Bartenders Academy.