It’s A Cheeky Night for Jay-Z and Kanye

Tiffani Faison: Celebrity chef indeed.
Tiffani Faison: Celebrity chef indeed. Photo: Mike Diskin

Tiffani Faison had her Sweet Cheeks launch party on Monday night, but her triumphant evening didn’t end quite as planned. The Herald, which has tracked down Kanye West and Jay-Z with vigor all week long, notes that Faison was called upon by their tour manager to whip up some ‘cue for the guys after her own party. (She made "almost the entire menu, including everything from pork belly to ribs to broccoli cheese casserole.") As we’ve lamented for the past couple of days, West has made some questionable dining choices while in our fair city (Cafeteria? California Pizza Kitchen?), so we’re relieved to see that he and Jay-Z stepped up their game. In fact, the Herald wonders if someone might have alerted West to the fact that he’s been dining at too many chains lately. Kanye, do you read Grub Street? [Inside Track, Earlier]