Spice Purveyor Has Pervy Meltdown

Cardamom gets crazier than Octomom.
Cardamom gets crazier than Octomom. Photo: Arora Creations inc.

A wealthy "Spice King," Dhiraj Arora, whose Indian spices can be found at Fairway and Whole Foods, is trying to explain what really happened a few weeks ago at The Four Seasons in midtown, after allegations that he drank a vat of tequila, stormed through the hotel’s gym stark-naked, resisted arrest while preparing a "salt bath" which included "food from the night before," and went to a psychiatric ward. He says that most of that has been fabricated, but what he really wants to clarify is the claim that he shouted at police, "suck my million-dollar cock." Arora insists that his words were "suck my $57 million dick." The devil is in the details. [NYP]