Southpaw BBQ Opening This Thursday on Mission Street

Southpaw Photo: Thrillist

Alas, with barbecue being a pretty well entrenched trend these days (you heard about Tupelo, Cedar Hill, and Hops & Hominy, right?), the Mission is getting a new piece of the action this week. Southpaw BBQ (2170 Mission), from a Creole/BBQ specialist who was also a former lineman at Delfina and Twenty Five Lusk, will open Thursday and will feature items like Old Crow bourbon-brined chicken, Allan Benton Tennessee hams, and plenty of house-smoked pig. Also on tap, as Thrillist tells us, will be some house-made brews — made in a set of stainless steel tanks just to the right of the kitchen — including a Black Pilsner and One-Hop/One-Malt Ale. [Thrillist]

Southpaw BBQ - 2170 Mission Street between 17th and 18th - 415.934.9300 - Opening Thursday