Shake Shack Expands to Strong Island; Cochinita Prepares to Reopen

Chelsea: Colicchio & Sons has new white truffles, to be shaved onto any dish for $11 a gram. [Grub Street]
Clinton Hill: Cochinita was shuttered by a fire shortly after it opened, but now we learn the happy news that the taqueria will get back on its feet December 3. Felicidades! [Grub Street]
Hell’s Kitchen: Bowl a turkey, win a turkey (reimbursement, that is). Frames Bowling Lounge is reimbursing the first ten expert alley cats who bowl three strikes in a row (a "turkey" to serious bowlers) and provide proof of turkey purchase via receipt. There’s one turkey limit per game; and turkeys can be repaid for up to a $50 value (for those of you out there purchasing turkeys the size of Jupiter). [Grub Street]
Long Island: The Shake Shack is expanding to the L.I.‘burbs in late 2012. Westbury, specifically. [Grub Street]

Lower East Side and Williamsburg: The two Meatball Shop locations will be closed Thanksgiving, but no worries: From now to Sunday, try the naked ball combo, which includes two stuffing balls, three turkey balls with gravy, and a dollop of cranberry sauce for $7. [Grub Street]
Midtown West: New York is getting a pie to the face. Chances are, it will taste like chunky steak or chicken-and-mushroom. Or it could taste like lemon, chocolate, or apple. No kidding: Pie Face, a favorite Australian bakery, opens next month. [DNA Info]
West Village: If the tryptophan in turkey makes you sleep, why not get a pre-holiday boost? Fatty ‘Cue’s West Village location is providing that golden opportunity, via endless booze, served from midnight to 2 a.m. tomorrow. You know: Thanksgiving Eve. [Grub Street]
Everywhere: Remember that time a server forgot to bring the ice water you asked for a million times? We all do. Now, show of hands for how many of you remember that time a server opened the door for you on your way out, or accommodated your seating requests during dinner rush. (i.e., “We want sexier lighting, please!”) Bueller? Precisely. Foodspotting has come up with an ingenious way to highlight your best service experiences, and possibly win a $100 gift card to the restaurant (and a $100 tip for that server who did bring you your ice water the first time). Details here. [Grub Street]