S.F. Cooking Instructor Offers Some Sage Advice: ‘Just Put the F**king Turkey in the Oven’


Mary Risley, owner and instructor at S.F.’s Tante Marie’s Cooking School, has some welcome Thanksgiving advice after many years of watching the million-and-one turkey-brining fads and secrets that have come and gone: "Just put the fucking turkey in the oven. Don’t worry about it. Turkey never really tastes good." Also, perhaps more importantly, Risley wants to remind everyone in food service that her organization, Food Runners, is taking donations of leftover food for the needy, which they will deliver directly from restaurants to local feeding programs.


Call Food Runners at 415.929.1866 to tell them about your donation, and they’ll come get it.

Now, please watch Risley’s terrific Thanksgiving how-to, and as an added bonus, here’s her recipe for an all-in-one Vegetable Charlotte that she recommends making a day ahead and just popping in the oven when the turkey comes out.