Santa Clara Man Gets Loaded on Meth, Skins and Eats a Bobcat

Just says no
Just says no Photo: Goingslo via Flickr

Tweakers do the craziest things! On Monday, Santa Clara’s Henry Arnibal was charged for an impromptu, unlicensed hunting expedition that he made while high out of his gourd on meth. After cranking up on some crystal, Arnibal took a .22 caliber rifle, shot a bobcat, skinned it, and then ate it, according to The L.A. Times. Apparently, none of this was necessarily illegal, save for the fact that the methed up man didn’t have the required license to down this big cat, an oversight that landed him in jail last week. Meth apparently isn’t the man’s only guilty pleasure, either, as authorities discovered 50 roosters and cockfighting spikes on his property, too. Arnibal explained that the bobcat had killed five of his birds, necessitating swift vengeance and no doubt, a fearsome marinade. [LAT]