Sandra Lee’s ‘Friendsgiving’ Feast Includes Coffee Martinis and Deviled Eggs

She's so in on the joke. Photo: Peter Hapak

Sandra Lee was on Rochester's 13 Wham (via satellite) hawking books and whipping up some treats for a holiday cocktail party. On the menu: "martinis" made with Baileys Irish Cream, vodka, and espresso; and, naturally, deviled eggs with pickle relish, bacon, and chives. Even the anchor conducting the interview can't help but ask, "Do deviled eggs pair with a coffee-based liqueur drink?"

Sandra's response, which she delivers with a completely straight face: "Either one of these pair with anything you put them with." To be fair, we've never actually tried these two things in tandem, so we can't say for certain that they wouldn't go together. But get serious. We're pretty sure Lee is just goading Anthony Bourdain with this appearance.

Sandra Lee's "Friendsgiving" [13 Wham via Talia Baiocchi/Twitter]
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