Report Claims Dog Meat Sold at Chinatown Market


A reporter in Minneapolis uncovered a dirty little secret here in Chinatown: Dak Cheong Meat Market on 36 East Broadway shares the same address as the Canine Culture Center, and after a confirmation over the phone, it appears, they’re selling dogs for food. Gothamist reported that the conversation went like this, "’Do you sell dogs?’ asked reporter James Schugel. ‘Yea. We sell dog,’ said the man who answered the phone. ‘Dogs for people to eat?’ asked Schugel. ‘Uh, yea,’ he said. ‘We sell many kinds of meat.’ ‘Dogs for people to eat?’ asked Schugel. ‘Yes,’ said the man." When Gothamist called Dak Cheong themselves, however, the staffer (who said he didn’t speak English) completely denied it. The reason? "This is America, we don’t sell dog meat!" Inspectors on the case also haven’t been able to find any pups. [Gothamist]