Puck Plans to Scrap Spago’s Menu During Remodel

Somewhere Laurent Gras is crying... Photo: Spago

At Nancy Reagan’s insistence, Wolfgang Puck kept his famous tortilla soup firmly in place on the menu at his new Hotel Bel-Air restaurant. But like much of that property’s former staff, Puck plans to jettison items that have long worked for Spago when it gets its own face-lift and three-month shutter next summer. Everything must go, apparently, even the take on pizza that helped catapult Puck’s reputation to the top 30 years ago which still remains fresh today.

Somewhere Laurent Gras is crying... Photo: Spago

Wolfie tells Feast that the coming renovation of Spago will include a total re-haul of the menu in which "everything will go." This includes the chef’s servings of wienerschnitzel and arguably his most famous dish, the salmon-caviar pizza that Laurent Gras would start every day off with if he could.

Of course, if your last name is Reagan you may still be in luck as the chef admits, "We will have to do certain things for some people," before stressing, "but we have to go on to the next level." Could Wolf have a whole new protest on his hands when long-devoted patrons catch wind that salmon and caviar are losing their place on Puck’s pizzas? Is there a Spago dish you just can’t bear to part with? Will Zsa Zsa’s husband ever get his cake? Let us know in our comments.

What Wolfgang Puck Won’t Take off the Menu at The New Hotel Bel-Air [Feast]