Visit City Hall Plaza’s Food Trucks at Lunch for Peter Pan-Themed Treats


Until the end of December, the classic kid’s fairytale Peter Pan plays in the round on City Hall Plaza. To honor the occasion, a few food trucks will offer up Pan and Neverland-themed treats (which seem much more innocently delicious than Michael Jackson-themed treats, don’t you think?).

The truck lineup includes Clover, Go Fish, Grilled Cheese Nation,The Cupcakory, and Lobsta Love. Sample cupcakes with fairy-dust sprinkles (we’re not sure if this has hallucinatory powers or not, but here’s hoping), grilled cheese with chocolate-covered bacon, "never grow up" Gouda grilled cheese, Neverland soup, Captain Hook lobster sliders, pirate punch, pixie lemonade, Never Never Land apple rings, and "Lost Boy" PB, honey, and banana sandwiches. They’ll begin serving at noon.