You Got Your Peanut Butter in My Niman Ranch Burger!

"Man, that's like, totally nuts, man..."
"Man, that's like, totally nuts, man..." Photo: The Pnut Butter Bar via Facebook

PopSugar introduces us to the Groovy Gourmet Pnut Butter Bar today, a sweet, salty, and savory truck that finds no dish unimproved by a coat of its own peanut butter. Chef Kharyn D spreads her peanut-buttery love on a bacon hot dog, pairs it with jelly on a Niman Ranch burger, and uses it to sauce up fries and Thai chicken wings. We can’t confirm the PB&J; burger is a necessity just yet, but our favorite part so far is the truck’s far-out mascot, who we have to assume is the disinherited, doped-up beatnik son of that square ol’ one-percenter Mister Peanut. [PopSugar]