Patina Celebrates 22 Years With Six Kitchen Alumni

Joachim Splcihal with Church & State's Yassmin Sarmadi Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Serving a sandwich of caviar-graced scallop stacked between potato chips, Joachim Splichal kicked off the 22nd anniversary of his ground-breaking Downtown fine-dining temple, Patina, this week. Six distinguished alumni of Patina’s kitchens, Octavio Becerra, Theo Schoenegger, Walter Manzke, David Feau, Eric Greenspan, and Michael Otsuka, joined Splichal, current chef Tony Esnault, and pastry chef Sarah Koechling to create an epic seven-course feast showcasing the ingredient-worship, unshakeable technique, vision, risk-taking, artistry, and refinement that keeps the restaurant vital in its twenties. From Becerra’s robust rabbit, foie, and squab terrine with pomegranate seeds to Greenspan’s mole and lobster to Walter Manzke’s tourte of duck offal, each chef pushed their personalities onto the plate while demonstrating the all-encompassing perfectionism one has come to expect from this upscale standard-bearer. Check out our slideshow of everything the chefs cooked for Patina’s 22nd birthday, as well as a review of the years they each served at Patina.