Will Winter Put the Freeze on OWS Food Donations?

Hungry. Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

As colder weather becomes the norm and New York’s growing season slows down, so too do the food donations at Zuccotti Park. The Villager recently noted that both the "quality and quantity" of donations have fallen off lately. Keith Dee, who works at the encampment’s makeshift kitchen and has been living at the park since the OWS protest began in September, says that donations of fresh fruit and veggies, coming "mostly" from farmers on Long Island, are slowing down. "We had a lot, but the season is over,” he says. But recent OWS arrival Rebecca Clark disagrees: "It depends on where you are in line," she told us while holding a paper plate filled with salad, rice, and a burrito. "Sometimes it’s a peanut butter sandwich, other times it’s a vegan meal with lots of fresh lettuce." Maybe the OWS protestors should take a cue from their Bay Area counterparts and head to one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants. They might be able to score some cookies.

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