New York Is Getting Its First All-Pudding Utopia Next Week

Puddin' on the moves. Photo: Courtesy of Puddin'

The restaurant-devoted-to-one-thing concept is nothing new in this city. We've got all cupcake, all macaroni and cheese, all tiramisu, and countless more. But what we didn't have was a spot selling pudding, and only pudding*. Enter Puddin NYC, opening in the East Village next week. They've got the classics like vanilla (made with Madagascar beans) and chocolate (with 70 percent chocolate all the way from Iceland), but they've also got banana, coconut, and a variety of parfait combinations. The shop also features nineteen different toppings, ranging from homemade sprinkles to red velvet cake. You can check out the full menu here for now, and in person when the shop opens next week. No word yet on how Bill Cosby feels about this. [Urban Daddy]

Puddin NYC, 102 St. Marks Pl., nr. First Ave.; 216-513-5074

*Rice to Riches, as it sells only rice pudding, does not count.