The New Yorker Is the Latest Publication to Forage With René Redzepi

Redzepi, spending a rare moment indoors.
Redzepi, spending a rare moment indoors.Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of Denmark, London

Just in case you haven’t heard quite enough about the way in which Noma’s René Redzepi forages his ingredients in the wilds of Denmark, The New Yorker this week drops a 7,000-word bomb dedicated to the topic. (The takeaway: Noma "is a showcase, a virtuoso reminder that only a small fraction of the planet’s bounty gets to anyone’s dinner table.") Other highlights from the magazine’s food issue: Calvin Trillin cooks in Nova Scotia (exclusively); Paul Theroux enjoys heirloom tomatoes; and Adam Gopnik lays out Benjamin Franklin’s case for turning the turkey into the national bird. [NYer]