Nathan Myhrvold Gorges on Tacos at Empellón, Goes All In at Romera

Myhrvold chows down on some traditional food at L'Ecole.

Anybody who has met Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, or read his mammoth, chart-packed cookbook Modernist Cuisine (released last March and now in its third printing), knows that the billionaire does things his own way. After all, he was a child prodigy who retired from Microsoft at the ripe ol' age of 40, and then spent a small fortune building a research lab for Modernist and his company Intellectual Ventures. "One of the crazy things about my life is that I alternate talking about nuclear energy in meetings and sous-vide salmon on Martha Stewart," he says. So we shouldn't have been surprised when he sent along his New York Diet — he's in town for business and to promote his book for the holiday season — as a spreadsheet-like table, as opposed to the usual format. (If you've seen any of the gridlike recipes in his book, you know that Myhrvold and his team really love laying things out like this!) We won't be making this a recurring format for the feature, but in deference to Myhrvold, we present this week's New York Diet in an atypical, yet admittedly efficient, fashion that befits its subject.

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Fri 11/11      
Where Home Monsoon East Home
What Three hard-boiled eggs with vinaigrette. Green papaya salad, caramelized pineapple, peanuts, herbs with prawns, green beans cooked in the wok. Egg salad with olive tapenade.
Sat 11/12      
Where Home Home Home
What Scrambled eggs with steamed peppers, provolone cheese, and bacon. Salad with Manchego cheese. Bacon-and-tofu salad.
Sun 11/13      
Where   Home Empellón
What No breakfast. Manchego cheese, celery, Spanish ham. A variety of Mexican appetizers and tacos: tongue, skirt steak, lobster, tempura fish, BBQ lamb, pork shoulder, and tuna ceviche.
Mon 11/14      
Where Hotel in New York Má Pêche Dinner Party
What Atkins chocolate breakfast drink. Brussels sprouts (loved them!), broccoli salad, crispy pork shanks, beef buns. Squash and kale salad, lamb shank with artichoke and spinach, milk-chocolate soufflé.
Tue 11/15      
Where Core Club Dining Room, NYC L'Ecole Restaurant  
What Gruyère omelette, bacon. Stuffed squid, crispy poussin. No dinner.
Wed 11/16      
Where Core Club Dining Room, NYC The Martha Stewart Show Romera
What Cheddar-and-caramelized-onion omelette, bacon. Sushi, and Modernist Cuisine salmon Eleven-course tasting menu