More Macaroni and Cheese With Sadie’s Kitchen, Opening Monday in Cobble Hill

Think of it as a blank canvas.

Diner’s Journal gets deets on Sadie’s Kitchen, a Southern-foods takeout shop opening in Cobble Hill on Monday. Since the mac-and-cheese trend don’t stop, the pasta is Sadie’s signature item, with interesting add-ons like smoked duck and fried oysters (plus tomato in the sauce and potato chips on top). Also on offer for takeout or at a perch in the thirties-diner-styled surroundings: macaroni salad, sandwiches, pies, and beignets.

Think of it as a blank canvas.

243 Degraw St., nr. Clinton St., Cobble Hill; 718-576 3338

Sadie’s Kitchen, 30’s Style Comfort in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn [Diner’s Journal/NYT]