Michael Chiarello Is ‘Ready for Some City Life,’ Scopes Out S.F. Spots

Chef Chiarello is branching out, and south.
Chef Chiarello is branching out, and south. Photo: Courtesy of Bottega

Contrary to an earlier report that he’d be focusing on a new "lab" concept in downtown Napa first, Michael Chiarello now hints to the Chron that he’s hunting for 100-seat locations in San Francisco for a new restaurant the details of which he won’t reveal. As for clues, Chiarello had earlier told Grub Street, “I’d also love to do something in San Francisco that’s not Italian,” which he said would probably have a broader Mediterranean focus. "After 25 years in Wine Country, San Francisco is like my Big Apple," the Bottega chef and TV personality says today. "I’m ready for some city life." Does this mean 2012 is the year for his S.F. debut? Stay tuned. [Chron]