Michael Mina and LAMill Unite in Baltimore

Cashing in at home and abroad Photo: Financial Times Photos via Flickr

San Francisco chef Michael Mina and Los Angeles coffee obsession LAMill have joined forces to open a LAMill locale in Baltimore, a concept that could eventually boomerang back to the West Coast. Opening at The Four Seasons Baltimore aside a new U.S.-centric Mina restaurant called Wit & Wisdom, the new LAMill follows the modish mud model first brewed up by owner Craig Min in Silver Lake, only now with the addition of Mina’s corporate pastry chef Lincoln Carson, who will continue the chef’s recent mission to capitalize on grilled cheese sandwiches. What’s this collaboration serving?

Cashing in at home and abroad Photo: Financial Times Photos via Flickr

Carson is overseeing breakfast and lunch menus that compliment LAMill’s coffees with soups, salads, and melt-y sandwiches, such as a ham and cheese that bucks Boar’s Head for Benton’s ham with farmstead Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese from Upland’s. On the sweeter side, Carson brings hand-cut beignets, carrot cake with currants, and a selection of signature "Pop-Tarts"** filled with savories like the state’s own blue crab to this hotel outpost (These come from Mina, who’s doing a lobster "pop-tart" on the bar menu at his flagship restaurant in San Francisco. Mina has also lent his name and advisory skills to a grilled-cheese chain called The Melt that is now in expansion mode).

Now we just have to figure out how long will it be before The West Coast gets a taste of the coffee and sandwich pairing as Mina and LAMill begin their new relationship.

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** A rep for LA Mill Baltimore tells us the item name has been changed from "pop-tarts" to "LAMill Pop Pies."