McRib Is Allegedly McDirty and McCruel

Nothing happy about this meal.

No one eats at McDonald’s to make Michael Pollan proud, but with the McRib, there was, at least, a modicum of social-consciousness (the pork is from Smithfield Foods, where Dr. Temple Grandin is the animal welfare adviser) to accompany the nostalgia. But that’s all out the window now! The Humane Society has filed a complaint against Smithfield Foods, claiming that its pigs were very much not happy and not loved, with female pigs stuffed into tiny gestation crates and even worse. The claim alleges that Smithfield is "misleading consumers" into thinking the pigs exist in "ideal" conditions when it couldn’t be more evil. It’s all very un-Grandin-like and hard to think about, but McDonald’s better make a move fast. [Atlantic]