Maison Giraud Open for Lunch Today!

Al Giraud
Al Giraud Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The L.A. Times reports that Maison Giraud will officially be open this Monday, while a call to the restaurant finds that the Pacific Palisades bistro will be indeed be open for lunch today, confirming Eater’s news (along with commenter Andrew Gavin’s) that Alain Giraud is already soft-serving his crossaints and boulangerie bounty in the space. Of the delays that befell Maison Giraud this summer, the chef hilariously tells the paper, "It’s like having a baby if your wife is in labor for five days…You’re happy when it’s over, but it’s mostly relief." [LAT]

Maison Giraud, 1032 Swarthmore Ave. Pacific Palisades. 310-459-7561.