Half-Shell Happenings: Live Scallops Today at Eataly and Minetta Tavern

Beauts, aren't they?
Beauts, aren't they? Photo: Michael Osinski

A live bay scallop is a rare thing around these parts, since the mollusks only live for about six hours in refrigeration. But Grub learns that Widow’s Hole Oyster Company is bringing a batch of the still-breathing scallops into the city today, where they’ll be served at Eataly and Minetta Tavern. An Eataly rep tells us they’ll be available at the seafood retail counter for $17.80 a pound and also at Il Pesce, served on the half-shell with blood orange ($20 for five). Minetta will offer the morsels on the half-shell, too, with uni and some kind of citrus as part of a holiday crudo sampler. Quantities are limited, so we recommend an early dinner — just don’t tell PETA about this.