Jonathan Gold, Excelled

Someone loves spreadsheets
Someone loves spreadsheets Photo: The Delicious Life

The Delicious Sarah Gim might have a little too much time on her hands (how is that possible, she being the founder of food-porn site TasteSpotting), but we’re glad she’s putting it good use, like creating this spreadsheet of Jonathan Gold’s Essential 99 lists from the last six years. She plots what restaurants are new this year, what’s fallen off, what’s made reappearances, and even cross-references it with Gold’s other list, 99 Things to Eat Before You Die. It’s a list-geek’s Excel dream. After all of the evaluation, she comes up with her own list of Essential Restaurant All-Stars, those that have always made the Gold 99, including Hungry Cat, Jar and Ammo. [The Delicious Life/LAW]