Jon Voight’s Thanksgiving to Go

"Uncle Noodle" loves cherry pie.
"Uncle Noodle" loves cherry pie. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Grub caught up with Jon Voight last night, who was enjoying the city for a few days despite his primary residence in L.A., assuring us that "I was once such a New York guy … I used to love Barney Greengrass." For the holidays, he takes a break from his current West Coast and super-healthy regime ("Most nights I eat salmon, medium well, with steamed vegetables and rice!"), invites a bunch of family over (no, not that fam’), and orders from Jerry’s Famous Deli in L.A."Every year, I order two turkeys, yams, salad, and cherry and pumpkin pie from there … you have to place your order a month in advance. It’s delicious, though. Ohhh, I can’t wait." Voight, filled with holiday spirit, added, "The most wonderful thing about getting older is you see babies grow. My nieces and nephews, who I just love so much, they call me ‘Uncle Noodle’ after some stupid, old man on Sesame Street; at least they finally get that I’m actually funny — and not just a stupid, old man myself!"