MSNBC Says Herman Cain’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Symptomatic of Harass-y Restaurant World

Cain's alleged "gesture," c/o Daily Intel.
Cain's alleged "gesture," c/o Daily Intel. Photo: Cain - Win McNamee/Getty Images; Body - iStockphoto

Today, MSNBC draws a strange link between the sexual-harassment claims against Herman Cain and the very frequent sexual harassment that happens in restaurants around the country: "[T]he claims shed light on the susceptibility of the food services industry to cases of — and allegations of — inappropriate sexual behavior." It’s strange because, while Cain was the head of the National Restaurant Association when any alleged harassment may have happened, it’s not like he was on the line in some four-star restaurant. He was a lobbyist. With an office. So the real takeaway here is that sexual harassment can happen in both offices and kitchens. Though the claims about kitchen harassment are certainly more salacious at times. [MSNBC]