Handsome Coffee Roasters Going Retail in Downtown

Que guapo!
Que guapo! Photo: Handsome Coffee Roasters

We’re hearing early praise for Handsome Coffee Roasters almost as much as we heard the names Lindy and Grundy last year. If these customer-focused, former Intelligentsia mud slingers’ first brick-and-mortar turns out anywhere nearly as admirable as the sustainable butchers’ final product, than caffeine-junkies are in for a treat. Squid Ink announces that the Handsome ones will open a retail store this December in a Downtown space, with 30 to 40 seats for coffee drinks that skip the tricks and snobbery. Until the opening, you can sip the beans at Demitasse, Cognoscenti, Chinatown’s Chimney Brick, and CoffeeBar through November. And like any well talked-up source of vaporware, they already have three t-shirts for sale. [Squid Ink]