Go Burger Puts Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner on a Bun

A Triple-Decker: Go Burger's Thanksgiving special
A Triple-Decker: Go Burger's Thanksgiving special Photo: Go Burger

It doesn’t sound like there will be many leftovers to be found at Hollywood’s Go Burger, seeing as it’s putting just about everything on earth on top of its Thanksgiving Burger, the monster pictured above. Offered only through this week for $11, the burger finds organic turkey ground fresh for a staggeringly stacked sandwich topped with caramelized onion stuffing, sweet potato mash, rosemary gravy, and a spiced cranberry sauce. The restaurant wisely leaves off the pumpkin pie, but recommends it be partnered with a pumpkin beer.

Go Burger, 6290 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood. 323-327-9355.