Floyd Cardoz Says Brandy Library Is an Inspiration for North End Grill

North End Grill sounds great for drinking.
North End Grill sounds great for drinking. Photo: Courtesy of Tabla

Last night at Johnnie Walker’s “House of Walker” opening party, Grub Street spoke with Floyd Cardoz about the almost-hatched North End Grill, a highly anticipated Danny Meyer project that has remained frustratingly impressively under wraps. As such, Cardoz wouldn’t say too much, but he did emphasize the beverage program, which sounds grand and tasty. “We are going to have a whiskey bar,” said Cardoz. “We’re hoping we’re going to do scotch tastings. What I find is if you go to the Brandy Library, they have all these different scotches and you can taste every one of them, which is a great way to give someone something they like.” He also says the restaurant will have 120 seats, will open before the end of the year, and will welcome everyone because “we love guests.”