No Foams, Some Fuss for Ferran Adrià


At least as far as Chez Henri’s Paul O’Connell is concerned. We just messaged with him (hey, it’s 2011) about his plans for the evening, which include whipping up a meal for Adrià, in town for his Harvard lecture this weekend. At tonight’s faculty fete, O’Connell tells us that he’ll prepare razor clams with New Bedford chorizo and saffron and quail agrodulce with quinoa. But, he assures us, “No foams.” It promises to be a lively night. The 150-person reception has people “clamoring to be invited ….I guess even Harvard gets giddy about chefs!” O’Connell, who’s on the board of Harvard’s Culinary Advisory Council, gamely confesses. We hear that Bondir’s Jason Bond and Sofra’s team will also cook for Adrià. Where, oh where, did we put our invite?