Eating Las Vegas Picks Sin City’s Top 50

The Vegas Strip
The Vegas Strip Photo: Http2007 via Flickr

Last night, Las Vegas restaurant critics John Curtas, Max Jacobson, and Al Mancini celebrated the release of their second edition of Eating Las Vegas: The 50 Essential Restaurants in a fancy fete at Guy Savoy. While the upscale picks and sense of swagger make the scribes appear like they’re ready to rumble with Michelin, Hugh Fogel of UnicaWorld calls the top ten selections (leading with such non-homegrown places as Barmasa, Cut, Estiatorio Milos, Guy Savoy, and Joel Robuchon) “a rather predictable assortment.” Hmm, wonder if Jacobson, a longtime contributor to Fogel’s site, appreciates that call. [UnicaWorld]