Dungeness Crabs Getting ‘Bigger and Fatter’ As Crab Fishermen Continue Strike

They're coming for you soon, Mr. Crab.
They're coming for you soon, Mr. Crab. Photo: iStock images

Dungeness crab season opened on schedule this week, as of the 15th, but crab fishermen have stayed off the water due to a disagreement with big crab processors over what the price per pound should be this year. As SFoodie reports, small local producers already agreed to a $2.50 per pound price, up 75 cents from last year, but the bigger producers are sticking at $2.00, and the fishermen are staying on strike until at least Monday. This means we won’t see fresh Dungeness in the market until Wednesday at the earliest. But as one fisherman says, by way of politicking, this only means consumers will get better (if a touch more expensive) crabs because every day they stay in the water “they’ll just get bigger and fatter.” [SFoodie]