Meet Dr. Andrew Weil at The Mall Next Week

Weil out with The Doc this Tuesday
Weil out with The Doc this Tuesday Photo: True Food Kitchen

Santa Claus is coming to town! Oh wait, that’s only white bearded nutrition guru Dr. Andrew Weil heading to his Santa Monica Place eatery, True Food Kitchen, next Tuesday morning for a presentation on improving one’s physical and emotional health. Okay, he’s also selling a new book called Spontaneous Happiness, but at least there will be food. The $45 entry fee includes appetizers to start you on the road to clean-living, with the menu of vegan curiosities provided below for your perusal. Reservations can be secured at 480-751-2176.

Food and Drink Menu

Medicine Man
Kale Salad
Herb Hummus
Eggplant Pizza
Squash Pizza