Debbie Lee Serving Gamjatang Hangover Stew on Black Friday

Debbie Lee's wang dang sweet <i>gamjatang</i>
Debbie Lee's wang dang sweet gamjatang Photo: Ahn-Joo

Gamjatang, a hearty stew traditionally made with the spinal bones of pigs and potatoes, is a little like the Korean version of menudo, as it’s sought out by the city’s soused citizens when the pain of the morning after drives them to Gamja-Gol, Seobu, or any one of the other storefronts who specialize in the stuff. To help you deal with all the vino you’re washing your turkey down with this Thursday, chef Debbie Lee will serve a Black Friday version of her gamjatang recipe at her new Ahn Joo in Glendale. Lee’s version will keep the heat spiked with plentiful peppers and, just so nobody gets the DTs, includes two cans of beers in the recipe. Thus far, Ahn-Joo’s Yelp report doesn’t suggest Lee’s new home is worth a detour from KTown for, and there’s no official word on whether her gamjatang cures hangovers faster than le sexe, bacon, or bong hits, but still, it sounds somewhat better than scratching it out with soccer moms over the last Tickle Me Elmo.