David Bouley Debuts a New Chef’s Table Chef’s Pass

Bouley is into the counter concept.
Bouley is into the counter concept. Photo: Getty Images

Today Zagat brings some interesting news: David Bouley has set aside a part of Bouley’s dining room and set up an eight-seat Chef’s Pass, where Bouley himself presents dishes. Right now, groups can reserve it for private-dining-style affairs, but Zagat says that “it will soon open to anyone who can snag a reservation.” There is also, apparently, a 3-D television involved. Is it just us, or does this idea sound sort of similar to the much-lauded Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, which is run by César Ramirez, an alum of the Bouley empire? Is Bouley taking a cue from his onetime protégé in hopes that some more of those Michelin stars might head his way? Probably not, but whatever the impetus behind the Chef’s Pass, good luck getting a reservation. We picked up the phone to make ours as soon as we read the words “3-D television.” [Zagat Buzz]