Daniel Humm’s Exerciserexia Is Really Quite Impressive

Hell yeah, he's the most fit chef in New York.

If you know how to pronounce his last name, you probably also know that Daniel Humm, chef-owner of Eleven Madison Park, is an avid exerciser. The Wall Street Journal spells out his daily routine, which includes running twice a day — the second round usually after midnight, on the local high school track in New Jersey — plus a serious commitment to yoga, swimming, and, of course, ass-kicking biking. At 36, he competes in about a dozen mountain bike races a year, including "the 300-plus mile BC Bike Race, a seven-day race from Vancouver to Whistler, British Columbia." Humm says the strict athletic mentality is a huge part of his success in the kitchen … and obviously allows him to eat endless foie gras. [WSJ]