Giddy Up: Horse Slaughter Might Be Coming Back to the U.S.

Probably not good news for you, stud.
Probably not good news for you, stud.

Looks like those people clamoring to bring horse slaughter back to this country may have gotten their way: The Associated Press reports that on November 18, “Congress quietly lifted a 5-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections,” which, while in place, had essentially made it impossible to slaughter horses for people to eat. And now that the ban’s been lifted, slaughter advocates are champing at the bit. In fact, “a slaughterhouse could open in 30 to 90 days.”

That doesn’t mean horse meat is suddenly going to start appearing on menus here. Most of the meat goes to Europe, where they sometimes serve it as carpaccio, and Japan, where they evidently serve it as ice cream. But it does mean American farmers looking to sell their horses for slaughter will no longer have to ship them to Canada or Mexico. In fact, the AP says that any new plant “would be American-owned.”

Places being considered for the new slaughterhouse are states like Wyoming, North Dakota, and Missouri. And Dave Duquette, who heads up United Horsemen — which is a pro-slaughter nonprofit and not, despite its name, an awesome thrash band — says investors are saddled up and ready to go: “I have personally probably five to 10 investors that I could call right now if I had a plant ready to go … I’ve got people who will put up $100,000.”

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