Tom Colicchio and Olivia Munn Feel Exactly the Same, Yet Totally Different, About Stuffing

She's no food snob.

Last night, over at the new Bon Appétit BA Kitchen, Grub Street got into the spirit of things with a little pre-Thanksgiving gab with Tom Colicchio and Olivia Munn, who share one delicious, defining quality: They both love the bejesus out of stuffing. Colicchio tells us that despite some recipe-wrestling with his mother-in-law, his preparation tends to prevail. His key ingredients? "Mine is sausage, golden raisins, fennel bread, regular bread, pork belly, celery, leek, onion, a lot of sage, all of the giblets, chicken stock, and thyme." We'll give thanks to that. Olivia Munn, on the other hand, doesn't want any of that fancy, chefy foodstuff: "My mom puts mushrooms from a can in it, and chicken stock, and she does the Stove Top." Munn adds, "It's a military family! Everything's from a can for me! And I like to eat it with my cranberry sauce at the same time ... we didn't grow up with a lot of money, so cranberry sauce, if it doesn't have the ridges from the can on it, it's not cranberry sauce."