Watch a Close-up Video of Casu Marzu, Now Available in Astoria


Good morning! Have you had breakfast yet? If not, you may want to hold off on watching this video of “Casu Marzu,” also known as cheese that’s covered with live insect larvae. According to Amuse Bouche’s Bradley Hawkes, it’s available at Ornella Trattoria in Astoria (known for their pig’s-blood pudding). So what’s it like? According to Hawkes, “[t]he initial taste was pecorino, followed by gorgonzola, and then a spicy aftertaste, like freshly cracked black pepper.” It doesn’t sound so bad, but the video below makes it apparent why plenty of people steer clear of this particular delicacy.

I think I’ll go eat worms… literally [Amuse * Bouche]
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