California State Senate Dines on Taxpayer’s Backs; The Country’s Most Expensive Tasting Menus

• Though its members are slashing state services from its budget, the upper houses of the California State Senate have spent $111,316 in taxpayer money on meals alone. [LAT]

• Turns out that even for genetically blessed Victoria’s Secret models, it takes an unsexy amount of dieting and exercise to look hot enough for the annual fashion show; it’s kind of like training for the Olympics, says one insider. [NYDN]

• Wish list time: behold the country’s nine most expensive tasting menus. Have you tried any of them? [HuffPo]

• Food is one of the many critical necessities not being allowed into the Syrian city of Homs while it is under siege from the government. [LAT]

• Check out this old-timey photo of Downtown L.A.’s original Redwood Restaurant. Well, it’s only form 1970, but it looks vintage. [Framework LAT]

• Pauly Shore is a fan of Greenblatt’s and Sushiya. [HuffPo]

• Burger King is fighting for its kiddie customers: the chain is unrolling BK Crown Meals, where the box is a wearable crown. [USAT]

• News flash: Botulism doesn’t care whether your canned goods are organic or not. [Salt/NPR]

• Calling things “artisanal” isn’t the only way restaurant chains are trying to attract “foodies”: they’re also running ads about sourcing fish and emphasizing quality ingredients and the presence of chefs. [NRN]