Burger King’s Fry Makeover; Fish Barcodes Headed to Menus

• Now that the FDA has approved the practice of issuing DNA barcodes for seafood, "restaurants are planning to start using it to prove the provenance of their pricey fish." [Popular Science]

• Burger King is changing its French fry recipe. The new fries are thicker, less salty, and have "a coating that makes them crisper and keeps them hotter longer." Mmmm ... coating. [MSNBC]

• Forget five-dollar footlongs: Subway will soon offer six-inch subs for a measly two bucks. [USAT]

• The 2011 British Curry Awards went off without a hitch this week. In attendance: "More than 1,500 restaurateurs, VIP guests and celebrities." Not to mention a video message from Prime Minister David Cameron. [This Is Local London]

• A whole lotta chefs are forgoing fussy restaurant recipes and releasing books about cooking at home. [NYT]

• Gives new meaning to "fire table eight": A chef in Lake Conroe, Texas, is suspected of gun smuggling after officials found him "in possession of two loaded semi-automatic pistols along with 1,700 rounds of ammunition," not to mention gun boxes "hidden in trash cans and food pots." [Your Houston News]