Brooklyn Baker Must Sell 1,600 Pies Before Thanksgiving — or Else

Only 1,599 to go.
Only 1,599 to go. Photo: iStockphoto

If Jerry Bruckheimer produced a food movie, we imagine the plot would be something like this story from the Brooklyn Paper: Adrienne Braxton, the owner of Krumbs in Fort Greene, which “was shut down amid a raft of violations earlier this year,” is struggling to find the funds required to reopen. But if she could just bake and sell 1,600 pies before next Thursday, she can make it happen. Baking the pies isn’t the problem — selling them is. Braxton says that so far she’s only gotten orders for 300, meaning she has to sell 1,300 in the next seven days. Help her out! The clock is ticking! [Brooklyn Paper]