Brewtruc Sets Sail, Serving Belgian Beers Aboard a Bus

Brewtruc Photo: Thrillist

Grub Street broke the news in September that Le Truc’s gregarious Hugh Schick had gone off on his own to launch Brewtruc, a mobile taproom aboard a custom-equipped bus, on which he’d be serving craft beers with a limo license. Last weekend, Schick had the first of his “three-hour” tours in honor of Belgian Beer Month, and then Thrillist spread the word yesterday, after which Schick posted “Phone ringing off the hook” on Facebook.

So, of the two outings he has planned for this weekend, there may only be one or two spots left, but if you call 415.926.5060 you can probably get on a waitlist or at least reserve for a future outing, like some planned sunset-watching trips to the Golden Gate. He’s charging $55 a head, which is for all you can drink from this custom, back-of-the-bus tap cluster. Also, it sounds like Brewtruc may be making some appearances at Off the Grid Upper Haight, so be on the lookout. [Thrillist, Earlier]