Blue Hill’s Baxtrom to Join Floyd Cardoz at North End Grill

He's learning from the best. Photo: Courtesy of Blue Hill

Yesterday, we told you that Greg Baxtrom recently left his chef de cuisine position at Blue Hill Stone Barns, a role already filled by the talented Michael Gallina. Today, Baxtrom tells us that he's found a new, if temporary, home at Floyd Cardoz and Danny Meyer's North End Grill. He explains: "Because I eventually want to open my own restaurant, I wanted to see an opening. Dan Barber put me in touch with Floyd Cardoz, who, as you probably know is opening North End Grill with Danny Meyer." But Baxtrom doesn't plan on getting too comfortable at the soon-to-open and Scotch-soaked new restaurant. "We have it worked out that I will be a part of the team for the first six months of it being open. Honestly, after that I'm not sure," he says. Baxtrom adds that he's looking into Chicago, but that most likely he will stay in New York and look for his own project.